Where does the time go? I fully intended to keep up this blog on a regular basis but somehow that hasn’t happened. I have been working on pieces that are either for competition or display which I can’t display here, so in my head I had nothing to show.

I started the year by playing with ideas which still loiter in my head for a project later in the year.P1130653P1130652

This year I have decided not to travel as I did last year but to concentrate on things learnt on my travels, and the above were as a result. I intend to go further and actually produce something from these experiments.

Then there was some snow dyeing….snow dye

It has been frustrating this year because I have had relatively little snow in the garden and it has not always been of the right consistency, this was the first run and I have recently done another. Having thought that I would do a lot of dyeing like this this year, I have been disappointed with the results, not enough thought has gone in to my efforts, it has been a mad dash to use the snow before it disappeared.

At the beginning of the year I started doing journal quilts again for the Quilter’s Guilds Contemporary group. This year they are 8 x 10″ in portrait format and they have to have some purple in them for the first four months. I decided to use my many photographs of India and at the moment have been using old sari scraps which I brought back from The Stitching Project last year.

January: Bird Tree

Quite by chance I also bought some plain cottons while I was in Pushkar and lo and behold the colours I chose are the colours that I need for the JQs this year. I have appliquéd this from a photograph I took of a mural in the Delhi Craft Museum.

My February JQ was inspired by a photograph of a screen where there were colours behind it.


To create the JQ I have used some printed silk that I bought in Delhi and cut out squares which have silk scraps inserted behind them.

Caroline Higgs-February-Glimpse

The JQ for March has taken this idea one step further, photo to follow in the next post.

I am a member of a small group in this area who meet for the day about 4 times a year and who set themes for the following session. This time it was the sound of (in French)  “ou”. I thought long and hard and then managed to get 5 or six in to the same piece. Having done the fine machine appliqué for the January JQ I was motivated to continue, and I used neo-colours and crayons to add the colour detail.

Les cinq 'oux'

We have also had a reveal for Fifteen by Fifteen since my last posting, the subject was mono-printing which I found really difficult, I like to work from a subject rather than a technique, but finally I got my head round it. I used some fabric which had been dyed with pomegranates and then I printed from the imprint of bubble wrap using procion thickened with manutex. Using the pattern I had printed  and coloured flowers and then chain-stitched around them, adding a little sparkle wax at the end and printed some silvery grass at the bottom with a thermo-fax screen

My midnight gardenMy midnight garden; detail

I have also worked on a piece for Quilt Expo en Beaujolais where I will also have a stand and be teaching quick and easy workshops, based on creating images in stitch from photos.Caroline Higgs; From Photo to Stitch 4

During this period, a piece I did some years ago has come home after travelling around France in a suitcase collection; we had to create an advertisement around the word MacFlé. I was drawn back to the Scottish hills and had great fun doing this although the pleating of the kilt did take some considerable time!

macflé 2

An finally a little detail of another piece that I have just finished.


Now back to the stitching!

Quilt Expo en Beaujolais is 13th -16th April 2016 at Villefranche sur Soane.




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