Final post for 2015

Well the year is almost over and I am looking forward to 2016 when I hope to put some of the thoughts and ideas that I have in to textile art. My travels have been many and varied and the inspiration they have given me will hopefully be fruitful!

At present I am working on a piece for ‘ Liberty in all its senses’ for Quilt Expo Beaujolais, I have been fiddling around for a while and now at last it is coming together and I hope that by the time the holiday season is over it will almost be finished, I am not going to say more about it until it has been shown.

Last week I made a small work for a Christmas present, I was with friends and  they decided that we should do a secret Santa except that we knew who we were giving to, men are always difficult but this time I knew what he would like.trout

It is only a small panel, mounted on a canvas frame, the background is silk sari fabric which was dyed in an indigo vat, the fish were drawn and coloured with water soluble crayons, one is on white fabric cotton the second on pomegranate dyed cotton so is darker, the dots are in crayon but with a stitch in the middle of each, they were appliquéd by machine with a fine Wonderfil thread.

I am waiting with baited breath to here what the Quilter’s Guild Contemporary group’s journal quilt constraints will be for 2016. I have photographed all my 2015 pieces together, this year I decided to work in a true journal style producing pieces inspired by what I was doing, fine when there was something, but I found it really difficult. I tried many different styles and techniques, some of which I will revisit, others of which I will leave well alone. One was on paper but I wasn’t bold enough with what I did and will definitely go back to that. 2015 journal quilts

Wishing everybody a very happy 2016 while waiting for winter to arrive, and by winter I mean snow!!

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