Sewing on track….

Have had a really productive time since just before Easter; the weather wasn’t too good so I got my head down and did a load of sewing, now it is warm and sunny so I can sit in the sun and sew, perfect! I am up to date with my journal quilts and my next piece for Fifteen by Fifteen is well on the way. I have then started tow larger pieces using fabric I dunked in the indigo vat in India, the photos are just the beginning of the work ,now I need to get my head down and stitch.

ready to stitchin progress

I made one of my journal quilts on paper, a new experience for me and I was a bit too tentative but I wanted to try and keep it simple. The motif is one I found when sifting through the old textiles in the Delhi Craft Museum, I can see possibilities of using the the motif and also of working on paper.  folk tree

Springtime is a time for new ideas and the warmth and light of the sun gives me a new energy, so many ideas and so much to do!

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