January 2023

All the best for the coming year.

Looking back I realise that after spending hours constructing an entry at the end of October it has never been published, heaven knows where that went, what a waste of time and energy! There were lots of photos of inspirational things I had seen but there wasn’t much work produced in that period and I have attempted to remedy that.

I finished the last 4 journal quilts for the year using the same hand dyed fabrics and shapes but the position of the fabric and the stitching for each one.

The last two pieces in the style of Georges Seurat for Fifteen by Fifteen were completed as well. I really tried to use pointillism in these two, fiddly to do but I was happy with the result, especially with the last one when I found a better support for creating my dots of colour. Working in the style of Seurat with the subject of reflections has taught me a lot and I really enjoyed the challenge because it pushed me to work in different ways to get the results I wanted.

In August I posted a piece I had printed and which, now, has been finished by hand stitched around the tree forms leaving the fabric to speak for itself. The second I printed in white and then machine stitched before adding leaves cut from silk scraps. ( long thin pieces are difficult to photograph!)

Then next project which is still in the quilting stage is big, again using lino cuts but also wood blocks which I had made for me some years ago in India. Based on trees and using various different hand dyed fabrics it is, in part, constructed using a traditional patchwork format.

The year ended with an exhibition organised by the association Gaspart in la Rochelle and January will see me exhibiting twice. I am delighted to be one of six people, the others are painters or sculptors, to have been invited to exhibit at the Galerie Arnaud in La Rochelle. The end of the month I will be exhibiting once again at Fils Croisés in Cholet .


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