Time has passed and I don’t seem to have anything to show for it, at present I am sitting with my bags packed ready to go to India to collect more inspiration for my textiles; watch this space…

I have done some snow dyeing with limited success, time was short when the weather wasn’t too cold but I had some interesting results.

I was playing with black as I wanted to see what happened, the results on the right were two efforts, the bottom the most interesting because the brown came through very strongly although there wasn’t much in the mix! Judging by the speed at which the snow in the garden is melting I reckon that that is me for another year…

This year for my Quilter’s Guild Contemporary group Journal quilts I have chosen to work in black and white with a flash of colour. The format is 11″ square which is larger than recent years but I am actually quite enjoying the size. For January I used a wrought iron balcony motif that I photographed in la Rochelle and I played around with positive and negative.The flash of green represents the shutters which were on the window behind.


For February I decided to work with different sized circles, my life this month has been going around in circles so it seemed to be relevant. The yellow are the highlights, the rays of sunshine that we have been enjoying, the promise of warmer times to come. The black and white circles are chain stitched quilting thread, the background is quilted with invisafil, I wanted to quilt it without detracting from the circles.



Now I am turning to developing thoughts about where I want my Indian inspirations to lead me. I know that when many people think of India it is instantly the vibrant colours which come to mind. I am more interested in form and shape, architectural features, but at the same time I should try and be bolder with my colour choices. I will also be collecting a couple of wood print blocks that I have had made for me…..




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