Off to the OEQC, Maastricht

Bags are packed and I am off at dawn tomorrow to teach four workshops (two of each) and demonstrate at the OECQ….


The two workshops are Photo to stitch

Caroline Higgs; From Photo to Stitch 4

and for a bit of fun Geometric Christmas Decorations…



My most recent journal quilt is completed, based as previously on the idea of screens and colours shining through. I was lucky enough to have some sari scraps which fitted the bill…


When one buys a length of sari fabric it comes with an extra piece for the ‘top’ so I have tried to group together the fabrics accordingly .

For a local group we had a challenge with water as a title. It wasn’t until I was going through my photographs from this summer that I found ‘the one’, which I posted on the autumn page…


This is the wrought iron railing on a bridge over the military canal in Kent. I had seen a demo on Facebook of somebody painting on a smooth surface and then wiping the paint back and adding layers. I gave it a go, it used a lot of paint, I had to use extender to stop it drying out, and then treated it as a mono-print. The background fabric is an old sheet and was stable enough to stitch before I added the wadding. I was very conscious that the wrought iron cut-out shouldn’t take on the texture from the background stitching, and by adding the wadding for the last stage I seem to have got away with it.


As the subject was water I didn’t want to develop the undergrowth to detract from the water.

When I get back next week and once I have made my preparations for Vendée Quilt, I hope to experiment further; watch this space!

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