April has arrived

April is here and it seems much more like spring. For the time being my sewing is up to date, deadlines have been met so I am feeling quite relaxed. Now I have to really concentrate and get ready for Quilt Expo en Beaujolais, I have packed the quilts for my stand, just need to cut a few more batons and write a few labels. I know what I am teaching so I need to put the kits together and then cross my fingers for a few more students.

Today was the new reveal for Fifteen by Fifteen, I found the subject East meets West a difficult one it didn’t fit anything I really wanted to do; I finally decided to play around with stitching. Following the course I did last August I wanted to start experimenting with patterns and dyeing so I used this as the base, using the Japanese karamatsu technique and double dyeing. I then quilted the main body with a traditional Northern English chain pattern, placing a sashisko motif in the centre. The threads were dyed  with the fabric, so the middle blue thread was the first dye run, then I added yellow,hence the yellow thread and the result was the green. I think I should

have been bolder with my colours but was pleased with the result.

I have also been working on examples of photo to stitch for my classes, I love working in this way and now have ideas in my head for larger pieces of work. I want to present them with all manner of different items to demonstrate how adaptable this technique is, and how even if one can’t draw one can produce something artistic!

The tree is actually from a postcard that I have had for ages and the water buffalo is one I photographed in Kenya last year. The latter is using a slub thread so that the lines are not ‘clean’. They are both small.

I have also got the Journal Quilt for April finished. I played around using a photograph of a stone carved window/screen which was taken at an angle so that one could see that it was in 3d, I have cut away to show an old sari behind and used the same fabric for the bindings. Fine silk sari is difficult to work because it has a mind of its own, this one was faded and had holes in it and the scrap is never quite the size that you want it to be! I have stitched the lilies by hand and in coloured threads to bring it slightly more to life and the depth of the stone is shaded with crayons.

Caroline Higgs. April; Lily Window

On the Edge is finished and has been submitted and I have one or two other projects up my sleeve, but at least I have time to sort out the garden and try to get rid of the weeds!



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